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Rhino deixa os HolyHell

O baterista Rhino (Manowar, HolyHell e Angels of Babylon) anunciou esta semana a sua saída dos HolyHell.


Foi a esta a mensagem do baterista:


"I am writing to tell you that I have left my position with HOLYHELL. I cannot express my gratittude for all the love and respect I recieved from my wonderful friends in the band. They have always been like my second family and I will never forget the amazing times and special moments we shared. I could never think of another group of people I would rather be on the road with.

"Jay Rigney. The bass player's bass player... nobody can hold the rhythm and bottom end like him... unless you feed him mushrooms... then it's all over. My brilliant roommate and companion.

"Joe Stump. Nobody i know more dedicated to their instrument and able to play at the speed of light with 15 tons of incredibly expensive jewelry hanging from his hands. A real big heart, too.

"Francisco. Killer classically trained virtuoso with a smile that can brighten any gloomy day. Look out when he is onstage! He might spontaneously explode or rip his pants... or... cut his hands to shreds on his expensive jewelry. Love him like a brother.

"Maria... beautiful person, beautiful heart, beautiful voice. No one can make me laugh harder. She has more dedication than you can ever imagine... Are those eyelashes or did some eagle lose its wings?

"I love you my friends. As well, I hope to see all the HOLYHELL fans again in the near future. Thanks so much for the inspiration, unending enthusisam and support!"