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Moonspell - banda assina com a Napalm Records

Os Moonspell assinaram contrato com a Napal records para o lançamento do próximo disco, com lançamento previsto para a primavera de 2012!

Chega assim ao fim, um ciclo que ligou os Moonspell à Century Media Records.


Fernando Ribeiro: "With Moonspell nothing really ends, but always ever begins. Signing with Napalm is a firm step into cutting all bullshit and work with people who truly believe in us and respect our longevity, while helping us to embrace those who have been arriving in the last years to start with us yet another kingdom of darkness under the moon. Our new album is a statement. Our blood is the ink. Your skin, the scrolls upon we will write. Napalm Records, our messenger. Be ready."


Entretanto, Ricardo Amorim mostrou aos fãs dos Moonspell um dos riffs que vai constar no novo trabalho da banda: