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Arch Enemy - Novidades para 2013

Angela Gossow


Angela Gossow dos Arch Enemy, fez uma atualização dos planos da banda para finais de 2012 e para o ano de 2013:


- "[The ARCH ENEMY] European tour was awesome!! Lots of people came to the shows. [We are] very, very grateful for this, given the tough economy all around.


"We know how it feels to be broke. Been there many times. But just like you, we rather spend our last penny on music (or gear for that matter) than paying our phone bill. For that matter, I only have a prepaid card and no phone contract ;-) I hate bills and reminders.


"Back home now, recovering from dirty backstage rooms, cold showers and lack of quality sleep.


"I love playing live. [It's] a shame I can't bring my home (or at least my bed and my clean bathroom) on tour though, haha..


"After 12 years of continuous touring, I can tell ya, sometimes I think about stopping for good and route for the homely life instead.


"We got the Latin America tour kicking off in November all the way through December and then we'll stop touring for at least six months. We'll just do a few [European] festivals in the summer, like Wacken :-). Will be interesting how that feels. If I get bored with being 'static?'


"I'll miss playing shows, but I am also excited to finally have some time to myself, actually being able to take up an art class, start drawing again, take some vocal lessons for fun, try new sports (like thai boxing or any sort of angry martial arts, haha), spend quality time with my family, decorate my home with framed pictures, paint the walls.. you know, that stuff 'normal' people do when they are not living like gypsies, always on the move.


"It will be nice not having to do pre-production for a tour in my 'off time' but actually allow my mind to rest and stop worrying about travel arrangements, technical riders, ticket sales, budgets, crew, stage production etc.


"I have noticed I am in an constant 'alarm-state' mentally and I don't relax in my sleep either anymore. I dream about figures and band stuff every night.


"I miss my crazy, funny, light dreams.. and simply being worry-free.


"This said, I wont be lazy. We have a massive new live DVD/Blu-ray in the works and it will take up a real chunk of my time to get that together for an autumn 2013 release. We filmed so many shows.. And we will film even more now during the Latin America tour. We got a ton of incidental footage too.. That will be weeks and weeks of sorting out, editing, cutting, mix and master. Plus we got a new album to write and record in 2013 too. It will drop in spring-ish 2014.


"So yeah.. today I am catching up with thre weeks of unanswered postal mail, final tour budget, tax office paperwork and shopping for groceries. I will go for a walk later, take a long bath to soak my sore back and neck and try to go to bed before 6 a.m. as I am not on tour anymore ;-)"

Bullet For My Valentine - "Temper Temper" em Fevereiro

- Os britânicos Bullett For My Valentine confirmaram que o novo disco vai-se intitular "Temper Temper" e sairá em Inglaterra no dia 11 de Fevereiro, através da Sony Music. 

A banda passou o single, e também título do álbum, para as rádios na semana passada e pode ser ouvido na edição #93 de Metal Global aqui! O novo trabalho foi produzido mais uma vez por Don Gilmore, que já tinha trabalhado com a banda no disco "Fever" editado em 2010.

Em entrevista à Voice of Rock Radio, da Africa do Sul, o vocalista/guitarrista Matt Tuck falou da relação com Don Gilmore e da longevidade da banda:


"For me, it's a huge compliment that [Gilmore] really didn't have much input [this time around], 'cause on the last record he did, and it kind of opened my eyes to write differently and to think about, not slowing things down, but kind of... there's no restraint on screaming and restraint on a million miles an hour. It's not necessary, really. We've kind of done that [already]. So on this record, [he kind of] sat back and let me do it without having much input, which to me, knowing Don, is a huge compliment, 'cause it means I've kind of done it right by my own. So, yeah, we've definitely fucking nailed it on this record. I know it's a long way before coming out and anyone's gonna hear anything, but I've lived with [it] and I know what it is, and trust me, it's good."


"We've been doing this eight years now and we're still at the top of the game of... we're still at the top of our tree of our style of music. I mean, no one's really kind of tried to take us over. So we have kind of taken the foot off the gas already a little bit with 'Fever', and the album we just recorded, we've actually backed off a little bit again — not because we don't think people don't wanna hear heavy music, we've actually made it heavier by slowing down and less is more. Like METALLICA's 'black album,' you wouldn't necessarily call it a heavy album, but the sound of it is fucking heavy and it's big and it sounds timeless because of that. It's not a million miles an hour — it's big and heavy and loud. We're not trying to make a 'black' album, we're just trying to kind of take that theory of slowing down, putting less technical bits in and concentrating on the vocals and the meat and bones of the song."