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HELL - "Curse and Chapter" em Novembro



- Os britânicos Hell vão lançar o sucessor de "Human Remains" no próximo dia 22 de Novembro. O novo trabalho intitula-se "Curse and Chapter" e está a acabar de ser gravado e misturado. O disco vai incluir um DVD bonus com 6 temas ao vivo gravados a 23 de Fevereiro no Darwin Suite Assembly Rooms em Derby. 

A banda vai editar o single "The Age Of Nefarious" em finais de Outubro.

Sobre o novo trabalho, Andy Sneap disse o seguinte:


"We've been working solid on the album for the last couple of months between gigs, although we've been demoing to a good standard over the last year or so. This time around the album consists of around 50% old material 50% new. We really see this as a band that's moving forward rather than a nostalgia trip, obviously there's a lot of history within the band, but there's also a whole world of ideas we want to get out. We have this week left tracking, 4 more vocals and bass to get down, 2 more songs of guitar and then mix. I'm super happy with how things are shaping up, it feels more like a band on this record to me than the first, which I guess is just a natural progression of everyone playing together a lot more over the last couple of years."

Sobre o conteúdo lirico, David Bower comentou:


Alongside some of our favourite themes of historical, political and religious persecution, intolerance and prejudice, you will find some good old fashioned myths and legends being invoked and reinterpreted in our own inimitable way. We also have some songs in which the listener will be implicitly invited to solve the clues contained in the lyrics in order to find the meaning of the stories for themselves. Being completely aware that many people interpret things in ways that writers do not expect as a matter of course, it seemed logical to take that idea a little further. “