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CHASTAIN - Detalhes de "Surrender To No One"



- David T. Chastain e Leather Leone reuniaram-se para o regresso aos discos de Chastain, e o resultado é "Surrender To No One", que será editado a 18 de Novembro pela Leviathan Records. 




01. Surrender To No One 
02. Fear My Wrath 
03. I Am Sin 
04. Stand And Fight 
05. Freedom Within 
06. Bleed Through Me 
07. Call Of The Wild 
08. Evil Awaits Us 
09. Save Me Tonight 
10. Deep Down In The Darkness 
11. Rise Up


Sobre o novo disco, David T. Chastain disse o seguinte: "Leather sounds better than ever and musically we picked up as if we never left off! We had numerous offers from larger labels but none of them could release the CD before Spring 2014. I think the diehards would have lynched us if we waited until then. LRW has the ability to release it in 2013. This was the best avenue to accommodate the band's future plans. Lets face it, in today's ever approaching all digital world you can record something on Friday and have it available worldwide by Monday."

HALESTORM - Detalhes de "ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP"

Halestorm reanimated 2.0


- Os Halestorm vão editar no próximo dia 14 de Outubro um EP - "ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP" - que irá incluir versões de alguns tema conhecidos.

A banda passa por Portugal no próximo dia 16 de Novembro, no Coliseu de Lisboa, como convidados especiais dos Alter Bridge.




01. Dissident Aggressor (originally performed by JUDAS PRIEST)
02. Get Lucky (originally performed by DAFT PUNK)
03. Shoot To Thrill (originally performed by AC/DC)
04. Hell Is For Children (originally performed by PAT BENATAR)
05. Gold Dust Woman (originally performed by FLEETWOOD MAC)
06. 1996 (originally performed by MARILYN MANSON)