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Seventh Wonder em estúdio com Tommy Karevik


- Os Seventh Wonder - do atual vocalista dos Kamelot, Tommy Karevik - continuam a trabalhar no novo trabalho de estúdio, depois do último "The Great Escape" ter saído em 2010. 

O baixista Andreas Blomqvist fez uma atualização sobre a composição do novo disco:


"[On November 27 we had] a great rehearsal and not only 'cause we finished a new track and were off to a flying start on yet another one, but also because it was the first time Tommy was back in the studio for a while.


"It was a great, creative and positive atmosphere as we finished a track by me, started one by Kyrt [keyboardist Andreas Söderin] and Stefan [Norgren, drums] played us a demo of some exciting stuff he was working on. With the addition of these three tracks (although only one is really completed, but still) we are really making good progress with the new album and we have amassed a lot of great new material.


"You know, it is a funny ride, to be part of the making of a Seventh Wonder album because you never really know where it'll take you. I hear lots of familiar stuff, but also I hear us exploring some previously uncharted territories, mostly in terms of moods and feels — which is something I think is a great thing. I personally feel that on the track 'The Great Escape', we allowed ourselves to stretch our legs, figuratively speaking, and try some new extremes in various directions and I believe there will be more of that on this new release.


"We have to take care and not to rush things. We owe it to Stefan, and we owe it to Tommy — but most of all we owe it to you out there. I know it has been a long wait and I know we still have a aways to go but I really believe it will make for a better album in the end."