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Devin Townsend Project & Fear Factory - First Movement Tour Diary-A

- Mensagem de Devin Townsend:


"OK, guys, so here's the deal:


"It's been over 8 weeks away, and the Epic Industrialist tour is coming to an end. As a preface, this recording is the first of several installments (we're working on a video for it now, but you deserve to hear it in the raw form...) of our 'First Movement' together... Four-plus minutes of our tour farts.


All of us on the bus (17 people) decided to start recording our farts on our iPhones, to give the general public an idea of how romantic being on a tour bus with 17 mental cases can be...


Anyways, all these farts are real. All of them are ours. This is our mission statement.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is FEAR FACTORY and the DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, live and in the flesh.


...Wanna borrow our phones?


More tour videos coming soon... been a fucking long run..."