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Vader - de regresso a Portugal em Maio



- Os polacos Vader anunciaram através do seu Facebook oficial, o regresso a Portugal no mês de Maio de 2013! Data e local ainda não foram anunciados, mas está para breve.

Aqui fica a mensagem da banda:


"VADER - Back To The Black Tour 2013"

The final tour details!


"Just before Christmas we have a bunch of info about the upcoming tour "Back To The Black Tour 2013" in Europe. The bands: VADER, ABORTED, BONDED BY BLOOD and guest support acts in particular cities: FHOBI, ADIMIRON, BLOODSHOT DAWN and FLAYED DISCIPLEWe've added three more shows: 27.01 Travagliato/Brescia - Circolo Colony (Italy), 01.02 Lausanne - Les Docks (Switzerland) and 04.02 Bristol - The Fleece (UK).The tour starts with the show in Berlin - K17 on 17.01 and goes until 10.02 to Alkmaar - Victorie (the Netherlands). Don't forget that VADER will play both their cult albums "Black To The Blind" and "Sothis" in their entirety! Also ABORTED plan on something special for their fans. Second part of the tour will take place in May and will cover for the most part Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal and several festivals. Stay VADERized!"