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AMORPHIS - "Queen of Time" trailer #4


- Os Amorphis vão editar o novo disco de estúdio, «Queen of Time», no próximo dia 18 de Maio através da Nuclear Blast Records. 

O novo trabalho sucede a «Under The Red Cloud», editado em 2015. O novo trabalho foi produzido por Jens Bogren e vai contar com arranjos orchestrais, um coro, flautas e arranjos de cordas.

Outra novidade neste novo trabalho é a participação do letrista da banda, Pekka Kainulainen, com um discurso em finlandês. 

Sobre o novo trabalho, Esa Holopainen afirmou: "I guess »Queen Of Time« turned out as a massive surprise to all of us. During the rehearsing and pre-production we didn‘t have any idea that Jens had this huge picture inside of his head about the landscape of the album. It‘s a very natural continuation to »Under The Red Cloud« but with steroids. The songs are more aggressive but there‘s more dynamics, harmonies and orchestral arrangements present. The result is AMORPHIS as something you‘ve never heard before! Essentially, working with Jens worked really well. As a person he is very similar to us - we share the same kind of weird humor and we all like to work hard."



01. The Bee
02. Message In The Amber
03. Daughter Of Hate
04. The Golden Elk
05. Wrong Direction
06. Heart Of The Giant
07. We Accursed
08. Grain Of Sand
09. Amongst Stars
10. Pyres On The Coast

Bonus Tracks (DIGI, 2LP, and MAILORDER EDITION only)
11. As Mountains Crumble
12. Brother And Sister

Aqui fica o quarto trailer do novo disco: