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EVERGREY - "End of Silence" video


- Os Evergrey editaram o novo disco de estúdio, «The Atlantic», no dia 25 de janeiro através da AFM Records.

Este é 11º disco de estúdio dos suecos, que sucede a «The Storm Within» editado em 2016, e foi novamente misturado e masterizado por Jacob Hansen. 



01. A Silent Arc 
02. Weightless 
03. All I Have 
04. A Secret Atlantis 
05. The Tidal 
06. End Of Silence 
07. Currents 
08. Departure 
09. The Beacon 
10. This Ocean


Tom S. Englund já falou sobre este novo disco:  "Guys! This is album number 11! Isn't that just sick?! It's also the third album of a concept that might have reached its destination or at least one conclusion. It might also have been something that some of you saw coming or anticipated.

"We've fought through giant private obstacles as well as an extremely complicated break-in at our headquarters studio to bring this album to you. So, at the same time as it's certainly not been painless or at all easy, it's been rewarding in new ways and our creativity has been painted in colors of honesty and sincerity. 

"This is our heaviest, darkest, and perhaps also our most diverse album to date. It's everything we wanted to compose and the written words come straight from a place of transparency and never before experienced lucidity. Finally, as of yesterday, we've reached new shores. We can't wait for you to share this journey with us and dive into our worlds, our depths, and the waters of 'The Atlantic'!"


Aqui fica o video para o tema "End of Silence":


Aqui fica a capa do disco:




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