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HOUR OF PENANCE - banda assina pela Agonia Records


- Os Italianos Hour of Penance assinaram contrato com a Agonia Records.

A banda já trabalha no sucessor de «Cast The First Stone» que deverá ser editado em 2019. 

Os italianos mostraram-se satisfeitos por iniciarem uma nova etapa: "We’re really excited to announce that Hour of Penance signed a new deal with Agonia Records. The first friut of our cooperation, a new album, is coming in 2019. It’s great to be part of a label that has always been focused on quality extreme metal and it’s the right place to spread our music and brutalize the ears of extreme metal fans all over the world with the new songs we’ve composed. We’re working very hard to bring you our finest and best sounding album so far and we cannot wait to start recording. More details will be revealed in the upcoming months, so keep your eyes open".