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LAMB OF GOD - "Kerosene" video

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- Os Lamb of God vão editar um disco de versões, «Legion: XX», sob o desígnio de Burn The Priest, que foi o nome da banda antes de se tornarem os Lamb of God! 

O disco vai ter edição no dia 18 de maio através da Nuclear Blast Records. 

Sobre este trabalho, Randy Blythe afirmou: “I’ve been an Accused fan since I was 14 when they were on the "Thrasher Skate Rock Volume 3” compilation with C.O.C. and all these amazing crossover bands. Their singer Blaine Cook was a huge influence on me, vocally.

O guitarrista Mark Morton acrescentou: “To truly understand the essence of the band BURN THE PRIEST , one must first consider the landscape in which it began: the mid-90s. Grunge and alternative music ruled the airwaves. Social media and the internet had yet to assume their role as our collective sources for entertainment and cultural exchange. It was a time when DIY 'zines turned us onto new bands and regional scenes, and ‘copy and paste’ still implied a print shop and a glue stick.” 

Já Chris Adler disse: “‘Inherit The Earth’ hit me in the face soon after I managed to get my grubby mitts on the album sometime around ‘88. I got the Accused record at a “Yellow Banana” record store on Route 1 south of DC while in route back from my “counselor” to my home in Woodbridge, Virginia. I got home and grabbed my board and I rocked it on my Discman. At about 2:12 into the tune the clouds parted above me and on a loudspeaker, God bellowed down to me, ‘RECEIVE YOUR PURPOSE.’ That was the moment I knew that if I tried hard enough, I could convey myself and how I felt - with music. It will never be “ours,” and we know that about all the tunes we’ve covered, but hopefully one of them hit you in the face as I had been, and God will part the clouds for you, too.”



1. Inherit The Earth (originally performed by The Accused )
2. Honey Bucket (originally performed by Melvins )
3. Kerosene (originally performed by Big Black )
4. Kill Yourself (originally performed by S.O.D. )
5. I Against I (originally performed by Bad Brains )
6. Axis Rot (originally performed by Sliang Laos )
7. Jesus Built My Hotrod (originally performed by Ministry )
8. One Voice (originally performed by Agnostic Front)
9. Dine Alone (originally performed by Quicksand )
10. We Gotta Know (originally performed by Cro-Mags )
11. In The Meantime * (originally performed by Helmet ) *on vinyl only

Aqui fica o vídeo para o tema "Kerosene":



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