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SABATON - banda envolvida em acidente grave na Tunísia


- Os suecos Sabaton estiveram envolvidos no grave acidente de viação na Tunísia, onde estiveram a gravar um vídeo. 

Apesar da gravidade do acidente, a banda já se encontra a recuperar mas tiveram de cancelar o concerto de hoje na Polónia. 

Aqui fica a declaração da banda em relação ao acidente:

"Two days ago in Tunisia we were involved in a serious traffic incident upon our return from a video shoot in the Sahara desert.

"We are all broken, badly beaten, bleeding and stitched up, but happy to be alive and confident that we will be fully recovered over time.

"However, after consulting medical expertise and evaluating all our injuries we are sure that we cannot do the scheduled concert in Poland today without risk of consequential injuries.

"We will be back with full force in October for the North American tour and will return to Gdansk as soon as possible.

"Until then we would like to share a few of our private images from the filming in Sahara and the accident.

"Thanks for understanding."