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SANCTUARY - "The Year The Sun Died" em Outubro




- Os norte-americanos Sancturay regressam ao disco de originais no próximo dia 6 de Outubro. O novo trabalho, intitulado "The Year The Sun Died", é o primeiro desde "Into The Mirror Black" editado em 1989. Com o vocalista Warrel Dane e o baixista Jim Shepperd, regressam o guitarrista Lenny Rutledge e o baterista Dave Budbill e junta-se o guitarrista Brad Hull. 

O novo disco vai sair pela Century Media Records, e Warrel Dane já falou sobre o novo disco: "Now that hell has officially frozen over and the pigs have flown, I can proudly say 'The Year The Sun Died' is finished. The record that nobody thought would ever get here has come in kicking... and yes, there is screaming!


"Working with Zeuss (a.k.a The Commander) was great. He really pushed us all to be better.


"This is a very modern-sounding record with roots still firmly planted in old-school six-string metal and I gotta give him creds for that."




01. Arise And Purify
02. Let The Serpent Follow Me
03. Exitium (Anthem Of The Living)
04. Question Existence Fading
05. I Am Low
06. Frozen
07. One Final Day (Sworn To Believe)
08. The World Is Wired
09. The Dying Age
10. Ad Vitam Aeternam
11. The Year The Sun Died