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STATUS QUO - "In The Army Now (live)" video


- Os Status Quo vão editar dois trabalhos ao vivo no dia 17 de agosto através da earMusic. São eles "Down Down & Dignified At The Royal Albert Hall" e "Down Down & Dirty At Wacken".

Sobre estes dois trabalho, o guitarrista Francis Rossi afirmou: "There's no other venue like the Royal Albert Hall; every artist wants to play there. So, to bring our 'Aquostic' show there was a dream come true. The QUO classics were stripped back and delivered by the band in a new fresh way that really allows the melodies to shine. Fully acoustic and featuring some fantastic extra musicians and vocalists, this is a show we'll always be proud of."

"Wacken is like no other festival. The energy, the crowd, the volume. Where better for QUO to get down and dirty and crank out all of the QUO classics as loud as possible? Naturally, this was a full electric set, delivered at full throttle. Nothing else would be acceptable at Wacken! It's full-blooded performances like this that QUO's reputation is built on."

A banda passa por Portugal para um concerto único, no dia 29 de setembro no Campo Pequeno, em Lisboa.


Aqui fica o vídeo para o tema "In The Army Now":